Oriolus Software stands for simulation games with a high claim for realism, quality and attention to detail.

Our first project is the LOTUS Simulator. The initials in LOTUS Simulator are an abbreviation for a not yet revealed L - as well as Omnibus, Tram-, Underground- and Suburban train -Simulator. In short, a local transport simulator which does not leave any wishes outstanding.

LOTUS is being developed by Oriolus since 2014, including the game engine to provide a maximum of flexibility in building and creating own maps and timetables as well as in importing all possible modes of transport. To this end, LOTUS brings along a full-fledged map editor and comprehensive vehicle and scenery object import tool.

We place special importance on the "Come on in!"-culture, which means for every player a very easy way to participate in the simulator - in any shape or form he can think of: development of addons, building up a public-transport-addicted community or participate in fan conventions. We appreciate a close communication with our players to provide a positive conversational partner for them.

>> Current news concerning LOTUS can be found on der Webseite.